A book on ethics and philosophy of values

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Cyril Arnaud

Who am I?

Here's some information to find out more about my background...

In the beginning

Born in Montpellier, I studied philosophy at the Paul Valéry University.

Very quickly, I became fascinated by the philosophy of values, and I began to write a book, which would take several successive forms. I call the fourth and last version, which seems to me to be more satisfactory, Axiology 4.0.

This text, the result of several years of work, is put online in 2010, once completed: it is the one you can read on this site.

A new project

Then I launched a website dedicated to philosophy: Les-Philosophes.fr

Its purpose is to facilitate the reading of the works of the great authors, by explaining the main concepts used, the problems encountered, etc.

It also presents the careers of various philosophy enthusiasts: students, teachers, journalists, animators, etc.

A vast project, which requires several lives!

Today's project

In 2022, I am putting a new book online: the Pirate Fragments, at the crossroads between philosophy and poetry, and also in perpetual evolution.

Finally, I am writing a "poetic" version of Axiology 4.0, which I call: Axio, 12 years after the first, academic version.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the content of the book, please contact me.

Thank you for your interest! I wish you good reading...