A book on ethics and philosophy of values


Cyril Arnaud

Who is the author of Axiology 4.0, Cyril Arnaud?

Here is some more information...

I studied philosophy at the University of Montpellier, in France.

Sextus Empiricus, Marcus Aurelius, Kant, or the analytical philosophy are the doctrines which have most influenced me.

Following these readings, I have become interested in the philosophy of values, feeling the need of calling into question the values to which we adhere, and searching their foundation.

This reflection has made me begin to write a book, which took many successive forms. I called the fourth and last version, which seemed to me more satisfying, Axiology 4.0.

This text, result of years of work, has been put online, once completed, and translated.

However, I am still working on this book, which is indefinitely modified, and will probably be renamed "Axiology 4.1" or "Axiology 5.0" in the future, according to the usual terminology.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the content of the book, please contact me.

Thank you for your interest! I wish you good reading...