A book on ethics and philosophy of values

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Welcome to this website dedicated to axiology, ethics & philosophy of values

What is axiology?

Is it identical with ethics, or philosophy of values?

What is a value? What is the problem of values?
What really has value?

Is our era relativistic? Is there a crisis of values?
How do we respond to the nihilist who argues that "Nothing has value"?

Axiology 4.0

These are some of the questions that are raised throughout the book Axiology 4.0 (or "Proposal for a New Axiology").


Table of contents

You can read this book online or else download it.

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Other questions examined in this book include:

What is a hierarchy? Is there a universal hierarchy?

Should or can the human sciences do without value judgements?
Can we oppose fact and value?

Was Descartes' doubt really radical?
Do we really find aesthetic pleasure in what is beautiful?
Did anthropocentrism disappear with Copernicus?

Do we know by intuition what has value, or is there a science of values? What is formal axiology?
Can we overcome the opposition between subjectivism and objectivism in morality?

This reflection involves examining the thought of authors such as Aristotle, Brentano, Scheler, Husserl, Moore, Nietzsche, Durkheim, Lyotard, Sartre, Cioran, Marcus Aurelius, Leibniz, Sade, Descartes, Lessing, Hobbes, Kant, Hegel...