A book on ethics and philosophy of values

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What is axiology?
Is it identical with ethics, or philosophy of values?

What is a value? How is it to be defined?
What has a value? How to recognize valuable things?

Does relativism characterize our time? Is there a crisis of values?
How to refute the nihilistic theory that ‘Nothing has value’?

Axiology 4.0

Here are some of the questions which are raised in the book Axiology 4.0 (or ‘PROPOSAL FOR A NEW AXIOLOGY’).


Table of contents

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In this investigation, we shall examine the thought of authors such as Aristotle, Brentano, Scheler, Husserl, Moore, Nietzsche, Durkheim, Sartre, Marcus Aurelius, Leibniz, Sade, Descartes, Lessing, Hobbes, Kant, Hegel…