A book on ethics and philosophy of values

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title of the book
the book Axiology 4.0

A book on philosophy of values for all those interested in ethics
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table of content

Book I/ The confusion between Ethics and Axiology

The necessary distinction between Ethics and Axiology

II/ Consequences of the confusion between Ethics and Axiology

III/ On the impossibility to found morality

Book II/ Prolegomena to Axiology

I/ Provisional definition of value

II/ Axiological panorama of our time

III/ About the state of mind requested to understand the problem of values

IV/ Reconfiguration of the field of knowledge

Book III/ Proposal for a method for Axiology

I/ Where to find the value of things?

A/ In the object?

B/ In the subject?

Love, as key concept for Axiology

III/ Détermination of method of Axiology from the concept of love

Fundamental redefinition of the concept of value and formulation of the method

B/ Concrete application of the analytic method